Thursday, February 17, 2011

Petunia Piglet

It's getting harder.

People have been asking how long I'm planning to stick with this vegan thing. I've been responding with, "I dunno...until I don't want to do it anymore."

Yesterday I was on a farm sanctuary website that Alicia had featured on her Kind Life page on Valentines Day

These organizations make it really hard to ignore the realities that I am always more comfortable ignoring. Realities that I'm not sure I can really let myself ignore for much longer. 

For a few years already Rob the husband and I have been avoiding dining at any place that serves foie gras, ever since a guy in a duck costume on Robson Street handed us a pamphlet from Liberation BC explaining foie gras production. Piece of advice...don't avoid the guy in a duck costume on Robson Street, despite your gut instinct to do so. Taking and reading that pamphlet was a huge eye opener for me, and as unpleasant as my new awareness was, I was grateful to know that I wouldn't be supporting places that served this cruel, unnecessary dish. 

It was especially hard to find fg-free restaurants on our last trip to Vegas (we thought Japanese would be safe until we discovered foie gras sushi), but it became a fun challenge seeking out incredible restaurants that didn't serve it. We were thrilled to discover that Wolfgang Puck was anti-foie gras, so we enjoyed eating at two of his restaurants. Oddly enough, one of the best things I remember eating is the Warm Wild Mushroom Salad from Spago...vegan except for the shaved easy fix. 

So avoiding foie gras was a no-brainer, and I could feel good about that. But yesterday, taking the time to observe farm sanctuary animals and watching them exhibit affection and personality really made me question some stuff that I had tried justifying and rationalizing for years. And after awwwing over Petunia Piglet I turned to Rob and said that I think I don't really need to eat meat anymore. Like ever. Is that really possible for us? 

And he just shrugged his shoulders and was all, yah, of course, why not? Like it was the most natural thing in the world. 

And just like that it got harder. 

It got harder to see myself going back to eating meat.

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  1. It was "The Food Revolution" that did me in, I just couldn't ignore certain aspects of farming, environment, etc. Good luck my dear...