Recipe Organizational Linky Page of Awesomeness

Alas...the animal-product-free dishes I've tried and my bloggy experiences with them, all in one convenient location! 

How to organize? Alphabetically? Chronologically? In order of awesomeness? Completely random just for shits & giggles? Categorically? (wow, that's actually a word) 

Let's go categorically because I like that word. Also because (thanks to my buddy Mags) I discovered the most awesomely named blog ever, yeahthatveganshit, and this blogger has her stuff organized categorically, so I'm just gonna copy her. Damn I wish I thought of her blog name first...but she's been around since 2006 when I was still eating carcasses and drinking cow titty milk, so I guess that wouldn't have worked anyway. 

I've included links to the recipes whenever possible. I figure instead of copying out the recipes myself, it would be much more efficient to link to other people who have already posted the recipes, and in the process spread the blogosphere love. Also I'm lazy and have no desire to write out all these recipes. Also I'm not sure just how legal that is anyway.

Click on the name of the dish to link to the recipe, and click beside it to head on over to my associated Flirting With Kind blog post if you're so inclined. Flirting With Kind...not nearly as cool or edgy as Yeah That Vegan Shit :(

If there's a sideways happy face beside a dish that means the recipe itself is included in my blog post :)



Cranberry Apple Sauce :)
Savory Gravy: FWK1