Sunday, March 6, 2011

200 Hot Dogs

I bought 200 hot dogs this weekend. And cooked them. And served them. And brought home leftovers.

I'm going to vegan hell.

Seriously though, when you're supervising a Kids' Cheer Camp and making lunch for 50 elementary school students, a dozen cheerleaders, and 17 Fawlty Towers cast members, what else are you going to serve that is cheap and efficient and crowd pleasing?

I'm still going to vegan hell, aren't I?

I guess that wouldn't be too bad if it meant I'd get to hang out with Jason Sudeikis dressed in red on red.

On Friday 6.0 Rob the husband was telling me about how awesome the KFC veggie burger is. His vegetarian father thought he'd eaten chicken the first time he had it. So because we were out and about and starving on Friday night we stopped at KFC for the veggie burger (I got mine without mayo) and it was really impressive. If I didn't know it wasn't chicken, I'd totally think it was chicken.

It seems a bit odd to patronize a KFC if we are trying to lead kinder lives, but it's also important to show the big chains that we support their veggie options. They won't serve them if we won't buy them. And KFC got it right, totally, because this veggie burger is really really delicious. And of course the fries aren't too bad either :) *silent cheer for vegan fries*

We then went to Costco where I bought, among other cheer camp lunch necessities, over 200 hot dogs.

KFC and hotdogs at Costco...I'm surprised I didn't get struck down right there.

I ended up not actually eating the hot dogs on Saturday 6.0, just cooking and serving them, but it felt so extremely weird to be making them in such large quantities. And it turned out they were all INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED which meant I got to get nice & personal with the hotdogs as I unwrapped them. Joy.

I didn't eat lunch that day. Just sayin'.

I ended up bringing a huge bag of leftover hotdogs home to our very handsome dog, who was willing and able to take a few off our hands, and will be working on that over the next few days. 

Because I had avoided lunch, I was starving when I got home that evening. Rob and I were both eager to repeat the Rustic Pasta (p. 147) we had earlier in the week, so I made it again, but this time with quinoa macaroni. 

Once again, the flavours were amazing, but we both preferred the Tuesday 6.0 version with angel hair. Definitely a long noodle dish for me.

And today, Sunday 6.0, I got to enjoy a lovely late breakfast prepared by my dashing husband...vegan chorizo with hash browns (mixed with Leftover! Black Soybean and Butternut Squash Stew from earlier this week).

I love when Rob cooks. He always gets so into it because he's totally anal when it comes to these things, and then he ends up apologizing when the result doesn't turn out perfectly. He needs things to go according to plan. The chorizo burning slightly was not part of the plan. But it was still very very yum.

He also made breakfast the day before...definitely on a roll. I was running out the door to leave for Cheer Camp and he had some Morningstar (not totally breakfast patties in the oven. I certainly wasn't going to be passing up breakfast a la Rob, especially because he had made cherry almond smoothies, something he's totally mastered. He also made my toast super cute by putting 3 raspberries on top of the jam, which actually really worked well. 

Super cute indeed. 

Tonight we needed a break from all the pasta we had eaten over the week, and Alicia's Magical Healing Soup (p. 251) was the perfect fix. It's a great way to use up any veggies you have in the house and you can season it with as much or as little ginger juice and shoyu as you want. It's ridiculously easy! The flavour of the broth is really subtle and it allows the flavours of each of the veggies to shine through when you eat them. I thought Rob wouldn't be a fan because he likes more intense flavours, but he really enjoyed it. 

Alicia claims that when she's not feeling right, this soup heals her, for real. Sounds a bit kum-ba-ya, I know, but after eating it I can see why she would claim that. It just tastes really...healthy. The flavours are soft and subtle, and I mean, how much healthier can you get than eating veggies?

Rob's rating:
Alicia's Soup - 4 happy tongues

This soup is WINNING. Like Charlie Sheen.

Or not.


  1. Soup looks great Yola! And don't hold onto the guilt! I had an amazing turkey sandwhich at Silver Reef because they make the BEST sandwhiches ever. But I've been good at being a vegetarian for over 2 weeks now! Only that one cave. And my fridge is nearly 100% organic everything :) My fridge is gonna be a WINNER!!! was the quinoa pasta??? I did not know of such a pasta, I've been eating gluten free veg or brown rice pasta and like those...

  2. OH! And sounds like Rob and Dallas The Boyfriend cook the same - anal, no room for error! LOL

  3. The quinoa pasta tasted just like regular pasta! An interesting pasta twist if you're looking for something different. And that's why Rob and Dallas have such a sweet bromance...they're so alike :)