Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fawlty Towers & the Millenium Falcon

I should have planned ahead better. Or insisted that Rob the husband learn to cook. This week has been a pain in the ass in terms of eating kindly.

Last night was closing night for our annual school play, Fawlty Towers (don't mention the war), and production week means my house is filthy, my laundry gets neglected, and I rely on quick grab & go meals to make it through the day. Those quick grab & go meals have never been a problem in the past, as a Starbucks run was usually enough to get by on....can't go wrong with muffins, greek yoghurt, and a sandwich. Except that now my quick grab and go options are seriously limited. Why oh why isn't there a Karmavore in Surrey??

I haven't seen much of my house during daylight hours this week, and my digestive system hasn't seen too many whole grains or vegetables either.

Monday 7.0 was set construction day, so I was back and forth between the theatre and the school. Luckily I had some leftover quinoa pasta from last week to hold me over while the crew feasted on delicious cheesy pizza and wings, so I was off to a decent start for this crazy week. When I returned to school later that afternoon, however, it was a different story.

There, in the staff room, in all its sugary, chocolaty, creamy goodness, was the Millenium Falcon.

Did I cave? Hells yes. Just like I did with the cheerleading bake sale last month.

One might wonder how a Millenium Falcon cake ends up on the table of a high school staff room. A co-worker got married in January and was kind enough to bring in the top tier of her wedding cake to share with the staff. In my defense I didn't go for it immediately. I thought about it for a good 90 seconds or so before digging in.

And was it ever worth it. The chocolate cake wasn't too rich, the creamy icing was beautifully distributed throughout, and the fondant was chewy, sugary, delightful awesomeness. And I didn't just have a bite. I ate a slice. And then I took another slice to bring home for Rob...which I nibbled on over the course of the evening, since I was at school until 9pm that night finishing the program for the play.

I actually dreamed about this cake 2 nights ago, no lie. I woke up before I got to eat it.

To top off my Monday of righteous eating, I grabbed a can of Pringles for the ride home from Walmart (where I had to stop for last minute props) later that night. At least they were vegan.

Yah, Monday was pretty bad.

The rest of the week got a bit better...

Tuesday 7.0: Dress rehearsal day...9am-midnight at the theatre with 35 high schoolers and no leftovers. I got by on a can of Amy's Butternut Squash soup and a falafel.

Wednesday 7.0: Opening night! Red Square Bakery energy bars, a whole whack of taco chips and salsa, and some Thai soup. Meh, It was Ash Wednesday.

Thursday 7.0: Cast and crew lunch at Boston Pizza! Definitely tempted by cheese here...omg cheese looked so But I didn't cave....I had yam fries, greek salad (no feta) and a no-cheese pizza with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and olives. Was it as good as the real deal? Um, no. But it got me through lunch all right.

Friday 7.0: Closing night! I had lunch at the same Chinese restaurant that made the delicious Asian mushrooms I had at my staff dinner during parent-teacher interviews. Some bok choi, pea shoots and chow mein noodles (probably had egg in them...ah well) rounded out the meal. A decent veggie intake I suppose.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to some Kind Diet recipes now that the play is over and I get my life back. I have some gorgeous collard greens sitting in my Fridgesmart waiting to become Sicilian (The Kind Diet p. 176).

As chaotic and exhausting as the week was, this

was worth all the crappy eating :) The absolute best part about teaching is working with kids who are passionate about something and seeing all their hard work pay off. Fawlty Towers had an amazing run and was brilliantly received by all who saw it, and I am so proud to have been a part of that. proud that I celebrated last night by finishing the Banana Split Haggen Dazs that had been sitting in my freezer for a couple of months. BUT I don't consider that a was already in the freezer before we embarked on this vegan odyssey and eating it was a necessary sacrifice to make room for more frozen vegan desserts :)

And even though I endured my second official cave at the mercy of the Millenium Falcon, I'm looking forward to getting back on track for next week.

Except next week my cheerleaders are having a St. Patrick's Day bake sale.

Oh buddah.

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