Saturday, June 25, 2011

Battle of the "Egg" Salads

In one corner: Missing Egg Salad from the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart iPhone app.

In the other corner: Egg Salad Sandwiches (p. 208) from The Kind Diet.

A few weeks ago Rob the Husband was on the hunt for silken tofu and didn't tell me what he needed it for. This could only mean one thing...a recipe surprise was on the horizon. When he set up shop in the kitchen and wouldn't tell me what he was working on I was intrigued, but I backed off and let him work his magic. When he proudly presented me with what looked like a friggen egg salad sandwich, I was pretty excited, and even more excited when it ended up tasting pretty much like a friggen egg salad sandwich.

This Missing Egg Salad (which can be found on Day 11 of the app) is made with silken tofu, green onion, relish, vegenaise, mustard, soy sauce, turmeric, cumin, and garlic powder. And it's good. I'm not a big relish fan, so the sweetness of the relish didn't thrill me in the sandwich, but I could still appreciate that this was really, really good.

A couple of days later, to maintain his status as an awesome husband, Rob made the Missing Egg Salad again. This time around I suggested adding in some regular firm tofu in addition to the silken tofu to thicken it up, as it seemed a bit runny the first time around. Because I'm always right and after 13 years together Rob knows this, he took the suggestion and the salad did indeed turn out less runny.

We had totally found our vegan egg salad.

Or so we thought...

Fast forward to a few weeks later. I was flipping through The Kind Diet looking at recipes I hadn't tried yet. Sure enough, I came across Egg Salad Sandwiches. The recipe was somewhat similar to the Missing Egg Salad...both used soy sauce, turmeric and Vegenaise, but Alicia's was minus the relish, mustard, cumin and garlic powder. Alicia's recipe also used diced celery and onions, and called for firm tofu, but I ended up using one package firm and one package I added diced pickles because pickles are just ridiculously fantastic.

And this too was a super delicious "egg" salad sandwich. Even my tofu-hating mother really enjoyed it. That's a pretty big deal considering the bulk of the dish is tofu. Go figure.

So we ended up trying two different vegan egg salads and both were thumbs up, which now leaves us with a problem...which one do we adopt as our own?

I prefer Alicia's, as I'm not a fan of the relish in the Missing Egg Salad.

Rob is a fan of the Missing Egg Salad, and he likes the sweetness of the relish.

How do we decide?


I feel like a thirteen year old autotuned singer who is waiting at a bus stop when her underage friends pull up in a convertible and they're kickin' in the front seat and kickin' in the back seat and she has to decide which seat she can take.

It's just toooo hard.

Perhaps we can settle this Princess Bride style, with a good ol' sword fight.

Best. Movie. Ever.

And in case you were wondering what the Best. Movie. Ever. would have been like if the cast had flatulence issues, you need wonder no more...

Yes, I am crude, immature, and unrefined.

But you totally laughed.


  1. I can help decide!!!! I will gladly take on the missing egg salad sandwich taste test because there is no egg salad without the egg ;) Prove me wrong! (miss u...i have gap between nonvegan bff and vegan bff)

  2. Here's a Vegan blog you should follow and this recipe for morrocan couscous looks super yum, I will definitely be trying: