Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why am I up at 3am?

Well, for one, I spent like the last 4 hours or so talking to my mom about the incredible amazing awesomesauce healing effects of a plant-based diet.

We like to debate and talk loud. For long periods of time. Late into the night.

Her arguments were very quickly muted when I pulled out a DVD featuring Dr's Campbell and Esselstyn (that I got for free at Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House) talking about the incredible amazing awesomesauce stuff they talk about in Forks Over Knives (which I am taking her and my sister to see this weekend).

I think I've convinced her to go Plant-Strong for the summer to see how it affects her high cholesterol. This could be very, very exciting.

I ended up on my blog at this hour because my awesomesauce buddy thisismidget was bored and made me an awesomesauce banner for my blog, so I just had to figure out how to put it up, and miraculously, I did.

I also wanted to set a personal record for most uses of the adjective "awesomesauce" in a blog post. And I believe I have succeeded.

Awesomesauce indeed.